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Are you searching for scaffolding in Kent? Well look no further than A & R Elite Scaffolding! The best scaffolding company around!

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Scaffolding is an extremely old practice, dating back 17,000 years and was used to paint ceilings in paleolithic caves, even paintings depicting it being used in ancient Greece. In modern times it is used for many different industries, even till this day used for painting, but most commonly it is used for construction or cleaning but can be used for many other aspects as well!

The problem with the current scaffolding industry is that the scaffolding can be not of the highest quality, this can be an issue as poor quality scaffolding can result in risk issues, as it may collapse or even worse! This is where A & R Elite Scaffolding want to change the industry standard and bring our customers high quality scaffolding that they can have their absolute trust in!

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A & R Elite Scaffolding understands that people can be skeptical of a businesses work, we completely understand, that is why we have added pages on our website to show some of our work! Head over to our gallery page to see all of our previous work done! Still not convinced? Not to worry we also have a reviews page where you can see all of our past clients and what they have to say about us!



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