Scaffolding for Hire

Are you looking for scaffolding for hire? Well look no further than A & R Elite Scaffolding, the scaffolders with the experience!

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Scaffolding is one of the things that can make or break a job, you can either use alternatives methods like a ladder and such which can make a job significantly harder and also most definitely more dangerous (135 people unfortunately lost their life in the workplace in 2023!). Whereas scaffolding is extremely safe and secure and also gives you plenty of space to work making it much easier!

A & R Elite Scaffolding operate in many different areas, covering a good majority of the London area, Colchester and Chelmsford, and many more places! You can find out where we operate on our website! So even if you are a fair distance from us, you can guarantee that if you want some high quality scaffolding, then A & R Elite Scaffolding are the people who can help!

If you are interested in some high quality scaffolding, then we highly recommend getting in contact with us today!



Why Choose A & R Elite Scaffolding?Temporary Roofs


A & R Elite Scaffolding are one of the best scaffolding companies around, many other companies may claim such claims, but it is important to have high quality scaffolding set-up by professionals, this is because if you have poor quality scaffolding from people who don’t know how to set up the scaffolding properly, then it could be a disaster that could leave you very wounded



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If you would like scaffolding which will make your job easier and make it safer, then you should definitely get in contact with us by filling out an enquiry form on our website, or you can phone us on this number: 01375 843 347 or email us on this address:

We look forward to working with you!