Health and Safety

When dealing with scaffolding and construction from a height, it is highly important that all team members are trained in Health and Safety to ensure the safety of all colleagues. At A&R scaffolding, we make sure that all of our staff are trained frequently, and are aware of the latest safety requirements. In this blog we will be covering why training is highly important, as well as events and companies that can help colleagues stay up to date with their training.

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Where Can You Get Training?

A&R scaffolding is in partnership with Thurrock Rugby Club, giving access for the company to use their facilities for training. Each safety lesson is conducted by Train To Be Safe, a company that specialises in teaching a range of safety procedures to staff. Since this is a specialist training provider, there is also a range of tailor made courses that can help those wanting more specific training in first aid, fire awareness and driver training courses.Scaffolding Safety

What is the Importance of Training?

Limiting Risk of Accidents and Injuries:

Making sure that staff are fully trained can help save lives. When dealing with working from height, handling heavy equipment and dealing with unstable structures, it is important that scaffolders receive the proper training. Regular training helps to refresh the memory of proper safety protocols, fall protection methods and how to identify and avoid potential dangers on job sites. This therefore results in fewer accidents, injuries and fatalities.

Awareness of Regulations:

Helping to stay aware of current regulations with safety is crucial. Regulations can change, and in turn new standards may be implemented. By staying up-to-date with training, this ensures that workers are aware of the latest safety requirements and adhere to them. Overally, this keeps workers themselves and others safe and makes sure that the work they are completing complies with that of the regulations.

Improved Work Efficiency and Qualifications:

Safety training does not always mean just the prevention of accidents. It can also teach workers better techniques for erecting, dismantling and inspecting scaffolding builds. With this increase in production, it can result in the increase in efficiency and productivity within the build site. In many places, staying current with health and safety training is mandatory in order to maintain scaffolding certifications. With these extra requirements, it ensures that the workplace is qualified with up-to-date knowledge on safe practices.

How Does Having an Experienced Company Help?

Expertise is highly important within a job site, since they can provide knowledge, techniques and tools. They can ensure that scaffolding designs, production and dismantling methods are completed in the most efficient way, complying with the most recent standards. Overall they have a keen eye for any potential hazards during the planning and execution stages. They can also help in implementing safety procedures such as fall protections systems and guard rails. Experts at A&R scaffolding will have the right tools for the job, making sure that it is inspected, maintained and in a good working order.

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